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7 Electrical Upgrades to Consider This Fall

Beacon Home Services should be your number-one destination this fall if you are looking to eliminate electrical hazards, better the performance of your electrical system, and most importantly, keep your family safe. With cooler temperatures and shorter days on the horizon, the last thing you want is outdated electrical features that will result in frequent power loss and a higher risk of electrical fires or shocks. Without these electrical upgrades you may even see your property decrease in resale value.

Fortunately, all it takes to ensure a more enjoyable fall is by calling the team at Beacon Home Services for electrical upgrades. As far as we’re concerned, electrical upgrades are an absolutely necessary aspect of owning a home. If you expect to live comfortably this fall free of safety hazards, upgrading your electrical system will prove vital in keeping you at a better peace of mind. Even if you just want to improve your home’s aesthetic, a single upgrade can go a long way in making your life so much more convenient.

The Top 7 Electrical Upgrades for You

While there are numerous upgrades for you to consider this upcoming season, some are absolutely essential to the overall level safety and convenience in your home. Our team of electricians recommend you consider the following 7 upgrades so your electrical needs are met:

  1. GFCI Outlets: When you install a ground fault circuit interrupter in your home, you are not just guaranteeing better electrical performance; you may even guarantee you save a life or two. Perhaps that sounds a little over-the-top, but it is the truth. A GFCI outlet will greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to accidental electrocution. It is an incredibly helpful tool, especially when you consider that the American Burn Association reports that 400 deaths occur each year due to shock. Think of this upgrade as adding a gatekeeper to maintain the flow of input and output current in your home. Thanks to a built-in circuit breaker, the GFCI outlet will cut off power altogether once it detects something irregular between the input and output, single-handedly preventing shocks. These outlets should be installed in areas of your home like bathrooms and garages, where the risk of water mixing with electricity is higher.
  2. Outlet & Switch Replacement: Have you taken a look at your home’s outlets and switches recently? Are they looking damaged beyond the point of repair? Well, it may be time for replacement, for the sake of safety and convenience. Some older homes are still equipped with two-prong outlets, which would be a reliable source of electrical power if it were still 1966. But in 2016, you need reliable three-prong outlets that will be able to meet all of your electrical power needs. Outdated outlets & switches are incredibly unsafe, so do not play any games with your safety and instead replace them with something new.
  3. Aluminum Wiring Replacement: Similar to two-prong outlets, many older homes are also still equipped with aluminum wiring. Again, in 1966, this would have been fine, especially since aluminum was considered an acceptable wiring alternative due to the rising price of copper. However, fast forward 50 years in the future, and aluminum wiring is now considered a safety hazard. If you are living in of these unlucky homes, it is time to make the upgrade to copper wiring instead.
  4. Electric Service Panel Upgrade: Many homeowners do not even think about their electric service panel all that much, even if it is probably the most essential element to your home’s electrical system. A part of the reason is because electrical service panels tend to last a longer time and do not require frequent upgrades. However, if your panel has gone two decades without upgrading, you are due for a change this fall. You need a working service panel that will evenly distribute power to all of your appliances to ensure safest effective electrical performance.
  5. Whole Home Surge Protection: The fall will bring with it more rain showers and depending on the severity of the storm, it may cause a power surge in your home and knock out the power for all your appliances. If you are working on the home computer for work-related purposes, losing power on a deadline is not what you want. You should consider whole home surge protection to avoid that situation altogether. Surge protection only allows for a safe amount of electrical power to go to your most essential lights and appliance. Thanks to this upgrade, you can meet deadline, as well as use other appliances to their fullest.
  6. Outdoor Safety Lighting: Did you knowing that a home in the United States is broken into every 15 second, according to the FBI? Even then, some homeowners think their property is immune to the threat of intruders, and they wind up being the ones dealing with an emergency situation. Fortunately, upgrades in outdoor safety lighting like pathway lights and motion sensors will keep burglars away and if they do attempt to break in, they will have few places to hide. You can relax so much more in your home knowing you have lights that look out for your family’s best interests.
  7. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades: If you are the type of homeowner who lives to have guests over the house for dinner parties, you certainly do not want to welcome them to a kitchen plagued with flickering lights or no lights at all. Beacon Home Services can provide you with upgrades in kitchen lighting that will do wonders for its atmosphere, shedding new lights on tables and cabinets. It will also help you cook and clean so much more efficiently. Our lighting options also work efficiently, providing high-quality performance without costing you more money on energy bills.

If any of these electrical upgrades sound appealing to you, contact Beacon Home Services today if you are looking for a change in your electrical system and we will gladly provide you with high-quality electrical service!

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