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Fight Power Surges With a Whole Home Surge Protector

How familiar are you with the signs of a power surge? Everyone’s familiar with the cinematic power surge after a lightning strike or blow transistor, with the lights dimming and potentially going out and leaving you in darkness. The real threat, however, is the little power surges that happen every day that you may not even notice. These are the issues that over time can cost you thousands, and why you need whole home surge protection. Don’t believe us? Here are 3 reasons why you need whole home surge protectors in Fairfax, VA.

  1. Protection of Expensive Electronics: No home today is complete without a plethora of expensive electronics. Laptops, TVs, gaming systems and tablets are all some of the common items you plug-in-and-play in your home. And these same objects are the targets of power surges. Small surges over time can begin to eat away at these expensive and fragile devices. While nothing large may happen at once, it’s the slow-knife of problems that will only show itself with time. Installation of whole home surge protectors in your home can help stop this wearing-down of devices immediately.
  1. Protection from Generators: Many homes today have generators to kick in when power failures happen. What you may not realize is, these generators can cause severe power surges in your home, resulting in damage to electronics and vital appliances. Whole home surge protectors can help seek out and stop these surges from happening when the power goes down.
  1. Your Home Doesn’t Have It: Since power surges don’t represent a fire hazard, whole home surge protection isn’t a necessity when homes are built. That, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still partake in installation. Don’t assume your home has it, because unless you’re sure, it likely doesn’t.

Installing whole home surge protection is the only way to defend your house from small and large power surges, which will eat away at your expensive electronics and vital appliances. When it comes time to install whole home surge protectors in Fairfax, VA, call Beacon Hill Electrical Services, your local surge protection experts.

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