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Scary Good Tips for Landscape Lighting

8 Yard Enhancing Landscape Lighting Tips

When it comes to landscape lighting, your overall goal should be to place lights strategically and highlight different areas of your home that you love. Good lighting can make your home go from dark and spooky to bright and inviting while keeping your family safe.

There are different ways to light your home and different types of lighting that serve specific purposes. Landscape lighting is popularly used to create an ambiance, provide security from potential unseen threats, and make your home stand out.

Here are some ways you can illuminate your home safely while giving it a little pop and originality!

1. Create a Plan

Before doing anything to your yard, you should create a plan for what you want your yard to look like and select the right fixtures for your needs. Get an idea for how you want to design your landscape lights by doing research and finding some other home designs you like.

Think about how much lighting you need for your landscape and select the color, material, and bulb of the lights you’re drawn to the most so that you can incorporate them into your own home’s design.

2. Focus on Lighting the House

As you plan where you want to place your landscape lights, you should prioritize your house as the main point of focus. You can install fixtures like lanterns and step lights to illuminate the entrance to your home so that it stands out.

3. Install LED Lighting

LED lighting comes in different tones from warm to cool that can give your yard a nice upgrade with this simple upgrade. These lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs and some are even solar-powered, giving you the opportunity to skip the batteries and rely on the sun to power your lights.

4. Select Fixtures That Match Your Yard

Whatever fixtures you choose should match the theme that already exists in your yard, unless you plan on adjusting your theme to match the fixtures you’re installing later. You can know what fixtures match your yard by choosing ones that go well with the trees, flowers, and design of your house.

For example, if your yard has a lot of trees, you can install floodlights or post lights to give your landscaping a classy and modern look.

5. Install Security Lighting

Don’t ignore those small spaces or spaces that are out of your line of sight. Light any areas in your yard that can erase blind spots for your own safety.

6. Install Weather-Resistant Receptacles

Instead of running cords through a door or window to power your fixtures, you should always plug temporary outdoor lights into outdoor receptacles. Weather-resistant receptacles have covers over them and should be able to withstand freezing temperatures, dampness, and heat without being damaged as a result.

7. Use Non-Metal Non-Binding Materials

If you’re going to be installing lighting for the holidays, use non-metal non-binding materials when you’re attaching temporary lighting like strings and ornaments. You want to avoid metal because it conducts electricity and use plastic cable ties instead so that your wires aren’t damaged.

8. Use Outdoor-Rated Extension Cords, Bulbs, and Fixtures

As the final, and most important tip, be sure to use fixtures, bulbs, and cords that are rated specifically for outdoor use. Your lighting fixtures should be outdoor-rated so that they can sustain a high degree of weather fluctuations.

Bulbs made especially for the outdoors can withstand the elements, unlike regular light bulbs you would use to light a porch or the inside of your home since they’re most exposed to the elements. And, even if your new lighting setup is only temporary, you should always use an outdoor-rated extension cord for your safety.

For more landscape lighting tips and for landscape lighting installation inquiries, contact our team Beacon Home Services for more information at (571) 470-5734 today!

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