Cash dollars are flushed into the toilet.

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

The Never-Ending Flush

Have you had a toilet that constantly has water running in it? It can be super annoying (especially in a master bathroom when you’re trying to sleep), and it can also be a huge water waster, which means a higher water bill. 

Why does this happen? Here are reasons why this could be happening in your home: 

5 Reasons Your Toilet May Be Running

  1. Faulty Flapper Valve: The flapper valve is a part inside the toilet tank that controls the water flow. Sometimes, it can get old or bent out of shape. When this happens, it doesn’t seal properly, and water leaks into the toilet bowl. That’s why the toilet keeps running. Luckily, replacing the flapper valve is a simple and not-too-expensive fix.
  2. Float Issue: The toilet float regulates the water level within a toilet tank so that the tank doesn’t overflow. If the float is set too high, the tank overflows, causing a constant water flow. On the other hand, if the float is set too low, it won’t activate the refill properly, and the toilet won’t stop running. Adjusting the float to the right position can solve this problem.
  3. Defective Fill Valve: The fill valve fills the tank with water after each flush. If it becomes broken or worn out, it might not shut off completely. That means water will keep flowing into the tank, causing the toilet to run continuously. Replacing the fill valve should fix this issue and make the toilet work normally again.
  4. Sediment Buildup: Overtime minerals and sediment can build up inside a toilet’s parts, making them ineffective. These deposits can affect the flapper valve, fill valve, or other important components. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this buildup and keep your toilet running smoothly.
  5. Leaky Flush Handle: Believe it or not, the flush handle can also be the culprit behind a running toilet. If it’s not working properly or misaligned, it may not lift the flapper valve correctly, causing water to leak continuously into the bowl. Adjusting or replacing the flush handle can usually solve this problem.

Having a toilet that is constantly running can be very annoying. Knowing why this can happen and how to fix it can help you solve this issue. By identifying and taking care of these common issues, you’ll save water, prevent high bills, and keep your toilet working correctly!

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