4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Outlets and Switches

Want to start the New Year off the right way? Then consider replacing outlets and switches in Manassas. Those faulty, outdated outlets and switches can see your home face a higher risk of power failure, fires, and electrical shocks. Don’t put your safety at risk and make replacement a part of your New Year’s Resolution!

Beacon Home Services offers replacement service on outlets and switches in Manassas to keep you safe and secure in your home. We’ll install the safest, most durable outlets and switches in Manassas so you’ll never have to worry about the safety and well-being of everyone in your household. Above all else, we want to ensure the safety of you and your family for the upcoming year!

When Should You Replace Outlets and Switches in Manassas?

While replacing old outlets and switches is an important step in ensuring safety in your home, many homeowners in the Manassas area don’t know when the time is right to call for replacement. Here are 4 common signs the time to replace is now:

  1. Two-Pronged Outlets: If your home is still equipped with two-prong outlets, it’s time to replace them with three-prong outlets. Two-prong outlets have proven to be unable to keep up with today’s intense power demands. Worse, this can lead to a higher chance of residential fires if not replaced soon. Three-prong outlets are much more adept and supplying power to any of your appliances.
  2. Builders-Grade Outlets: Builders-grade outlets are also incredibly unsafe and outdated. Like two-prong outlets, builders-grade outlets are becoming a thing of the past and while they may appear to not cause any harm, they may also be more susceptible to fires and electric shocks. Don’t fool around with your safety and get it replaced now!
  3. Old Wiring: Sometimes it all comes down to wiring, especially if that wiring has reached a certain age that would make it more vulnerable to experience problems. No matter what condition your outlets and switches may be in, faulty wiring can lead to some huge problems in terms of how either produce power. Rewiring may also mean new outlets and switches.
  4. Physical Damage: Are your outlets and switches showing signs of wear and tear to the point where they appear to be falling apart? Then it’s time to seek replacement immediately. An exposed outlet is hazardous and may result in a higher chance of a member of your household experiencing an electrical shock. Replace to avoid putting their safety at risk!

Call Beacon Home Services today if you want to ensure better, safer electricity in your home by replacing outlets and switches in Manassas!