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5 Benefits of Having a Motion Sensor Installed On Your Property

When you own your own home, your family’s safety and wellbeing are always top of mind. That’s why, in addition to performing regular maintenance, it’s important to look for opportunities to upgrade your home to enhance your safety and wellbeing. In this article, you’ll find out how installing a motion sensor outside of your home can help you do just that.

Improved Home Security

Burglars, vandals, and other criminals typically target properties where the residents are either away or asleep. They really don’t want to be seen breaking into a home, since neighbors could alert the authorities. That’s why home security experts recommend installing exterior lights around your home. You can deter criminals from targeting your home and family by installing motion sensor floodlights, door lights, and other exterior lights. These lights switch on automatically when anybody comes too close to your property.

Enhanced Safety

Humans aren’t the only creatures you need protection from. Depending on where you live, wildlife can pose a threat to you, your family and your pets. Raccoons, coyotes, mountain lions and bears can all come close to your home searching for food. However, they’ll be scared away if your exterior lighting comes on as soon as they approach your home.

In addition, if you live in a region with cold winters, motions sensors will be especially beneficial. Having the lights come on as soon as you step outside the home can help you navigate slick surfaces like ice and snow. This can significantly reduce the chances of injury.

More Convenience

Have you ever come home after dark with a car full of groceries and the kids in the backseat? Then you’ll know how much of a hassle it is to try to park the car as close to the house as possible and unlock the door — all while keeping the kids within sight — just so you can switch on the exterior lights. With a motion sensor, you can have the lights come on as soon as you pull into your driveway. Your porch light will turn on when you step onto the porch. That way, you never have to worry about having enough light to get everyone and everything safely indoors.

Energy Savings

Of course, many homeowners who don’t have motion sensors installed on their property simply leave their exterior lights on all day and night. While this is certainly a solution that offers more safety, security, and convenience than no lighting at all, it’s also one that requires a lot of energy. Motion-sensor activated exterior lighting eliminates the need to keep your lights on 24/7 and as a result, significantly reduces the amount of energy your household consumes.

Cost Savings

Since you don’t need to keep your porch, driveway and other outdoor lights on at all with motion activated exterior lighting, you’ll consume less energy. This means your energy bill will be considerably lower at the end of each month. Installing a motion sensor on your property adds security, safety, and convenience, It also reduces your energy consumption and keeps your power bills low.

To learn more about how motion sensor exterior lighting can help you, contact Beacon Home Services today.

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