Why It Helps to Know Your Electrical System

As a homeowner, you might not be aware of all the features your home has, especially when it comes to your electrical system. It’s like another occupation trying to keep up with your home’s appliances and making sure everything works properly. One of the things, however, that is so important to take care of is your electrical system and the features that are involved or connected to it. Not only does it help to understand your electrical system and what it can do for you, but it will also help you become more efficient especially when you’re trying to save money on your utility bill. Keeping your family safe is also a necessity, so keep these electrical features in mind and know how to keep your home safe with your electrical system.

Why Listen to Beacon Home Services?

Beacon Home Services ensures the best customer service. Nowadays, it becomes harder to find an electrical company that brings consistent high-quality service, and that’s what will always separate us from the rest of the pool. Whether it’s an electrical installation, replacement, or repair, Beacon Home Services is fully capable of any handling any task you might throw our way. And with experienced and well-trained electricians in our department, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is in good order with us.

Why Should You Know Your Electrical System?

Once you understand your electrical system and know how it works, you’ll notice a host of beneficiaries. You’ll be increasing the safety of your home, especially when a small problem arises and you’ll know what to do in that place and time. Meanwhile, you will also know how to avoid any potential problems and end any lasting effects that can be damaging to your home. And on top of all these benefits, you will also decrease your monthly utility bills. What’s better than that? Knowing your electrical system allows you to understand what works efficiently and what doesn’t, which avoids the cost of wasted money in the long run. Lastly, you can make smarter energy consumption choices. You’ll be able to identify which habits work for you and your family and which ones are affecting your lifestyle and costing you more out of pocket expenses.

What If You Decide To Ignore Your System?

Not only will you be vulnerable to higher utility costs, but you’ll also be paying for larger repair costs since you decided to not pay any attention to your electrical system. If you don’t know how to solve a problem immediately and decide to ignore your system, you’re decreasing your personal and home safety. Safety should be the most important thing to all homeowners. Small problems with your home’s electricity can quickly turn into dangerous situations. You want to be able to make smart decisions when it comes to energy use and how much energy you consume, so knowing your electrical system can really help.

Major Components of Your Electrical System

Now that you understand the importance of knowing your electrical system, it’s time to go over the major features:

  • Main Breaker Panel – If your home’s electrical system is alive and well, then the main breaker panel is the heart. It is usually located in the basement or closet and houses the distribution board that divides the electrical power your home receives in a multitude of ways. This allows you to turn on every lamp or TV in your home, even your refrigerator, and once you blow a fuse you suddenly lose electricity at some point in your home. Finding the breaker panel will be a top priority once the power goes out in your house.
  • Meter – If your main breaker panel is the heart, then think of the meter as the brain of the electrical system. This box is typically located either on the exterior of your home or in a place indoors. It shows how much energy you’re using, which helps you make wiser decisions going forward. Understanding how your meter works give you the ability to be more aware of your utility bill. It also gives you the chance to know what you’re expecting since you’re on top of it and can spot problems before they become far worse.
  • Circuits – When power is installed in your home by an energy provider or electrician, it is funneled through the rest of your system by the circuits. You’ll most likely have different circuits for each part of your home, such as upstairs, downstairs, basements, garages, etc.
  • GCFIs – The ground fault circuit interrupter or GCFI are devices that automatically shut off electrical power to a circuit if it detects an electrical current that is flowing where it shouldn’t. This helps protect you from an electrical shock and even protect your home from potential fires.
  • AFCIs – The arc fault circuit interrupter or AFCI helps detect faults in your electrical system, which is extremely convenient as well. They are mainly intended to help prevent electrical fires at all times.

Be more aware when it comes to your electrical system and call Beacon Home Services today!

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