5 Electrical Lighting Upgrades to Consider This Year

The quality of your home’s electricity can have a huge impact on your overall mood and safety, so why not consider electrical lighting upgrades in Manassas this year? You certainly don’t want to spend more time in 2016 worrying over whether you have working electricity than you will actually relaxing in your home. Not to mention, electrical problems can prevent you from having reliable lighting that will help you carry out your day to day activities!

If you want to improve your home’s electrical features, please call Beacon Home Services if you want electrical lighting upgrades in Manassas today! Our team of electricians can turn your home into something special thanks to their dedicated work. Your home can sport a new look and become a positive investment on the market, and all it takes is one phone call to our electricians to make that a reality!

What Electrical Lighting Upgrades Should You Consider?

Beacon Home Services is here to provide you with amazing electrical upgrades at a fair price. No matter what upgrade you need, our team of electricians can handle it all. Here are some upgrades we can offer you:

  1. GFCI Outlets: If you’re looking for an electrical upgrade that can practically save your life, consider Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets. GFCI outlets will protect you from electrical shock in wet locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Kitchen Lighting: Fixtures like LED lights, dimmer switches, and shelf-lighting can add so much more to your kitchen by giving it a slicker, more modern look. When you’re hosting family dinner parties, improved lighting will make those meals even tastier.
  3. Exterior Lighting: Exterior lighting like motion sensors and pathway lighting can alert you of any potential intruders as well as helping you evacuate your home in the case of an emergency. Start off the New Year by getting an upgrade that will keep you safe!
  4. Fuse Box Upgrade: An upgrade on your fuse box is highly important if you want to keep all home appliances running throughout the year. In addition, have an electrician test your fuse box regularly to ensure it’s working to the best of its abilities.
  5. Whole Home Surge Protection: Consider whole home surge protection to guarantee an unlimited flow of power to computers, fridges, televisions, more. If your home is prone to frequent power surges, now is a better time than ever to upgrade!

Contact Beacon Home Services today if you want to receive electrical lighting upgrades in Manassas!