5 Signs You Need Home Rewiring

If you want to keep your home from becoming one of the many homes each year that catch fire due to faulty wiring, then you should consider home rewiring in Manassas. Having working electricity is one thing, but you need reliable wiring to go along with it or else you risk putting the safety of everyone in your household on the line. All too often homeowners will allow their wiring to worsen and worsen until it’s much too late and they’re wondering why exactly their home is bombarded with electrical problems.

Call Beacon Home Services today if you want to receive home rewiring in Manassas that will leave your electricity working better than ever. Our team of electricians can work with you in inspecting your home and determining where rewiring is needed. From there, we can work quickly in rewiring your home so you’re not wasting another moment with faulty, unsafe wiring. When you enlist Beacon Home Services to do the job, you can count on the highest quality service!

When Should You Call Beacon for Home Rewiring?

Home rewiring in Manassas is a crucial step in ensuring you have the safest and most effective electricity in your home, but you may be wondering when the time is right to make the call. Please observe these 5 common signs that the time for rewiring is imminent:

  1. Flickering Lights: Flickering lights can cause quite the disruption in your home when you’re trying to do simple everyday tasks. It’s generally a sign of faulty wiring somewhere, and a quick rewiring from Beacon Home Services can right the problem.
  2. Frequent Power Outages: Frequent power outages can be even worse when you’re trying to function normally in your home. You may not be able to use your most essential fixtures like computers and refrigerators to their fullest extent. Plus, when outages occur more often. It may jeopardize the safety of all the members of your household.=
  3. Aluminum Wiring: It seems like commonplace now, but the price of copper wiring during the ‘60s and ‘70s saw a sudden increase, which meant many of the homes built during this time period were equipped with cheaper aluminum wiring instead. However, cost-efficiency did not guarantee safety, as the percentage of house fires only increased. If your home is still equipped with aluminum wiring, Beacon Home Services will gladly replace it.
  4. Knob & Tube Wiring: Many older homes were equipped with knob & tube wiring simply because there wasn’t any better option at the time, but this wiring can no longer keep up with today’s electrical demands. Modernize your home’s wiring with our rewiring service instead.
  5. Frayed Wiring: Frayed wiring in your home is highly dangerous, as exposure can easily lead to fires or electrical shocks. This needs to be replaced immediately so the safety of you and your family are not placed at risk! And remember, wiring does not necessarily need to be old to be replaced!

Contact Beacon Home Services today if you need home rewiring in Manassas, especially if you notice these 5 signs!

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