Reasons to Consider an Electrical Home Inspection

Your electrical safety is not something you want to mess with, and when it comes to electrical work around your home, most of it is best left to the pros. However, even if you feel like your electricity is working as it should, there could be some underlying problems or issues that may ultimately lower your home value or put you at risk for a fire.

So if you are unsure just when you should get an electrical safety inspection, here are there significant examples of when it’s time to give us a call:

When You Live in an Older Home

Is your home reaching the 40-year mark? It’s time to consider an inspection. Old, outdated wiring could lead to a severe home fire, and if you have been experiencing any electrical problems, it’s time to consider getting it looked at. Since older homes were not built to handle today’s modern technology (like computers, multiple TVs, and a variety of other appliances). It’s pretty possible that your home doesn’t have enough circuits to handle all the extra power. If that is the case, too many things could be pulling power from the same circuit. If so, you are at risk for overload.

For instance, we all know that the story of the home where you can’t blow dry your hair while the TV is on. If so, you’ll risk a blown circuit. This is a classic case of modern-day overload. An inspection can find any damaged wires, make sure your wattage is up to date/code, and provide you with new electric options so that your home is better equipped to handle your daily life. That could mean more outlets, switching wires to other outlets, or updating your panel as a whole.

When You Are Constantly Seeing These Signs

Now beyond the sheer age of your electrical panel, there are some common signs to look out for when it comes time to get an inspection. The below home occurrence all signal that something isn’t electrically sound and should be looked at as soon as possible:

  • Your lights are flickering
  • Your light switches or sockets are warm to the touch
  • Constant tripping of breakers or power outages
  • Sparks or shorts when plugging in something
  • Higher than the normal electric bill

Getting these issues resolved promptly can help avoid any potential fire hazards from occurring.

When Your Are Planning to Sell Your Home

Looking to put your house up on the market to find a forever home? Both are great examples of when you should get an electrical inspection. For starters, getting your electric evaluated before putting your home up for sale can help you fully be aware of what it’s value will be. Not only that, it gives the new potential buyers peace of mind knowing that they won’t have an extra expense on move-in day.

On the other side, if you are in the process of purchasing your first home, it’s helpful to know that the original owner will be responsible for getting an inspection. Once issues are found, you can then discuss or negotiate whose job it is to fix them. Either way, an electrical inspection is critical in the process. Without it, you could be walking into an expensive electrical mess that could have been prevented from the start.

Electrical Upgrades in Fairfax

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