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4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are key to your home’s electrical system. They will provide power to all of your most essential appliances. Unfortunately, most homeowners will take them for granted. You yourself may not even consider them on a daily basis, even then they’re single-handedly responsible for allowing to watch television, use a blender, or heat up some food up in the microwave. This lack of consideration can prove seriously detrimental when your outlets need to be replaced. Though outlets can last for years, and provide high-quality electrical power for your most essential, everyday appliances, there are several signs you need to notice before it’s too late. The dangers of neglecting them may prove costly, and even deadly. A faulty outlet will prove one of the most major safety hazards, especially when it can result in an electrical fire or electrocution. You may also notice their flow of electrical power become inconsistent, meaning appliances like televisions and lamps will begin to flicker on and off. The outlets may even damage the appliances themselves, making you spend money on replacing them. Before you lose money, and power, you need to brush up on your knowledge on what you should notice when the time arrives for replacement. It’s not just for the sake of your home’s safety, but also for the safety and comfort of your entire household.

Why You Need to Call Beacon Electric

Beacon Electric should be your first choice for any electrical troubleshooting this season, especially when you are having problems with your outlets. Our team of local electricians will be ready to help at any point this winter to ensure you continue to enjoy a high level of efficiency in your home. Having credible outlets in your home is a huge part of that. If our electricians determine you need them replaced immediately, they will be able to provide you with modern, durable outlets you can depend on for years. The upside of replacing your electrical outlets may at first be obvious—you will have a steady flow of power for all appliances! But a look closer reveals several long-term benefits that will make life in your home so much better, including improved home safety and money on saved replacing your appliances. It will be make life in your home easy and stress-free, which is exactly how life in your home should be at any time of the year.

When Should You Replace Outlets in Your Home?

Even if you sense the slightest problem with your electrical outlets, it’s still worth checking out. But how to do you sense if your outlets need to be replaced at all? If you are unsure, please take of the following warning signs:

  1. Home is Equipped with Two-Prong Outlets: Since 1965, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has required all residential homes to be equipped with three-prong outlets. However, there are still plenty of homes out there with two-prong outlets. Though they may still provide electrical power, they will also put you at a much higher risk of experiencing a home electrical fire. Two-prong outlets are known as being polarized because they have a shortage in the wiring that will make any excess current having no way to travel through a neutralized port like the ground.
  2. Home is Equipped with Builder’s Grade Outlets: Though builder’s grade or homeowner’s grade outlets are popular because of their lower installation cost, they are also outdated and unsafe. If your home has been built by a contractor and you did not specifically request a higher grade outlet, you have builder’s grade outlets installed in your home. Unfortunately, builder’s grade outlets have an overall poor quality and boast a much shorter lifespan of 5 to 10 years. You should instead upgrade to commercial grade outlets, which will last you so much longer.
  3. Electrical Outlets Are Not Tamper Resistant: Since 2008, NEC has required tamper resistant outlets on newly constructed homes. Thus type of outlet is manufactured with a shutter that will only allow a two pronged plug into the receptacle to properly create a circuit. For example, if you do have a young child in your home curious enough to play with the outlet, the shutter will not open allowing for proper contact to connect the flow of electricity. Simply put, if you don’t have tamper resistant outlets in your home, you should replace them with much safer options.
  4. Outlets Have Significant Damage: While it is expected for an outlet to sport some damage as it ages, it is definitely means for replacement if that damage is impacting their ability to perform. This damage may include worn outlets, which may mean inserted cords will not fit snugly in the receptacle. If the cords slip out easily or are hanging out of the outlet, there is a chance that excess or even the proper voltage current may not have the proper channel to flow. Other signs of wear and tear include broken plate covers that expose the electrical outlet mechanism, which heighten the risk of electrocution if it comes into human contact. If you do not fix this damage in time, you may have to pay more for electrical repair than necessary.

Ensure Your Home’s Safety Isn’t In Jeopardy – Schedule A Time To Have Faulty Electrical Outlets Replaced Today

Contact Beacon Electric today if you want to ensure a steady flow of power in your home and have one of our electricians replace electrical outlets!

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