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How Do Bath Fans Protect Your Bathroom?

When it comes to your home, humidity control is imperative. When levels of humidity increase, your home can become susceptible to mold growth and structural damage from moisture, such as warping and peeling. This moisture naturally accumulates from your daily shower routine, and if it becomes trapped within your bathroom, can lead to the above detriments.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or simply upgrading your ventilation, consider installing an exhaust fan. Here are the advantages of bathroom fan installation:

Reduce Fogging

When you finish your bath or shower, if your entire bathroom is fogged over, you will benefit from bathroom fan installation. We’ve all been there, you hop out of the shower and go to brush your hair or complete your skin-care routine…and your bathroom mirror is completely fogged over. By adding an exhaust fan, the steam that inherently accumulates from the bath or shower will be drawn out of the bathroom before it has a chance to fog up your mirror or cause moisture levels to reach a dangerous level.

Prevent Damage

As the mist from your bath or shower comes in contact with your walls and moldings, it will cause condensation to form. These small beads of water can saturate the paint and the wood underneath, causing your paint to peel away over time. A bath exhaust fan keeps the mist from causing this damage, so your bathroom walls will be protected.

Damages from moisture also include mold growth. Mold can compromise the integrity of your indoor air quality and cause serious health implications. Do not let your home humidity go unchecked.

Enjoy Environmental Control Features

In the past, bath exhaust fans were pretty basic and very loud, but that’s no longer the case. Modern fans are extremely quiet, so you may not hear it kick on at all. Additionally, the more modern models come with state of the art features, so you won’t even have to turn it on! Sensors provide ease of functions and eliminate forgetfulness!

Depending on the model you get for your bathroom, most units will turn on automatically as the sensor detects an increase in humidity. Some models also come with warmers that help increase the temperature to a predetermined level. There are additional features that can improve your convenience, reach out to the professionals here at Beacon Services to find out what else your bath exhaust fan can do for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of bath exhaust fans that are available, contacting your local electrical contractor can help. In most cases, a ceiling light can be easily modified to accommodate a bath fan.

Just make sure to have a professional perform the installation as there are a few key components to achieving a successful installation:

  • The fan must be placed directly over the source of your moisture. So, your ceiling over the shower must have minimal lighting.
  • You will need a switch to control your fan, so if you do not have a switch already hooked up to overhead lighting, you will need to have new wiring set up.
  • The fan must be vented through an exterior wall to the outdoors, or your moisture will lead to mold infestation.

A professional electrician can help you explore your bath exhaust fan options, while ensuring you’ll stay within your spending budget. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and begin your bath fan installation—your home and family will benefit!

Get started with your bath fan installation! Contact Beacon Home Services at (571) 470-5734 ! We are here to help you maintain your home humidity so you can live worry-free!

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