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Stepping Up Your Landscape Lighting

How Do You Layout Landscape Lights?

Summer is officially here and with that comes less sitting indoors in front of the TV and more family and friends time sitting outside. If your last few summer nights have been cut short by a dark and poorly lit yard — now is the time to make that change. With proper knowledge and some adequate preparation, you can soon have the perfect party yard that keeps you enjoying those summer nights all week long.

Why sit inside when you can enjoy the fresh air and quality time with your family? Before you begin investing and poorly placing some random lights all over your yard, here is what you’ll want to consider to get the perfect landscape lighting for both front and back:

Map It Out

When it comes to starting your landscape lighting, you want to have a thought out plan before hitting the store. Instead of just blindly going and buying random lights to place around your backyard, you’ll want to consider where you are putting them, and why.

First off: What’s your primary purpose for new lighting is. Think about the areas that are most populated — and the ones that need to be a. Consider layering your lights, so they add dimension. Map out how many you’ll need and keep distance in mind. Being prepared can help stop you from overspending and flooding your backyard with way too much light.

Think Solar Power

Thought it might seem like a big electrical job to add more light to your backyard, it doesn’t have to be! Solar lights can add some excellent accent lighting to your walkway, pathway, and yard without the extra manpower.

How does your garden glow? Well, the easiest way is with a few solar lights place strategically in the bushes and around the yard. Your hard work might be shown off all day long — by why stop there? Let your hard work be visible day and night!

Think Walkways

Another great reason to go with landscape lighting is safety! Slips and falls can occur, but when you can barely see whats in front of you, the chances increase. A perfectly lit pathway can keep you, your family and your guest fully aware of where every step is leading; allowing you to enjoy your yard accident-free.

Don’t just stop at your main deck or patio — add lights throughout the entire yard so that any path that might be accessed can be. This will not only give you more usable space in your yard — it can add dimension too! Have a long driveway far from the front porch lights? Add lighting along the driveway and walkway leading up to the door. Anywhere you have frequent walkers; you should have light!

Protecting Your Home

Believe it or not, landscape lighting is also a great way to keep your yard safe and sound from unwelcome house guests. With a spotlight or bright porch lights, you can be sure a home invader will think twice about attempting to break in. A well-lit yard puts them on display for all to see, leaving them wary of trying anything, leaving you and your family sleeping safe and sound.

Are pesky raccoons eating your trash? A spotlight can fix the issue fast. When you add a motion sensor spotlight to your yard, unwanted animals will be caught off guard and frightening — leaving them to flee your yard instead of heading for their desirable target, your garbage bags.

Accent Your Water Features

Whether it’s a backyard pond, swimming pool or hot tub — adding light can keep you hanging outside all night long! Have a pool? Why not add some underwater lights and a few around the patio.

Have a backyard pond you love to relax by? A few lights around the outside or in the trees can make it the center of your yard. Looking to show off your new waterfall feature? Think lights! One of the best ways to show of the soothing and gorgeous water feature is by illuminating it for all to see.

Think Curb Appeal

No matter what your reasoning for adding some extra landscape light is, remember one thing — it’s adding value to your home. Whether you plan to sell it now or in the future, a well-lit yard will make your home value. Not to mention — it will give your neighbors some severe yard envy!

Looking to shine some beautiful light onto your perfectly manicured yard? Our experts can help! Contact Beacon Home Services at (571) 470-5734

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