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5 Signs You Need to Replace Old Switches and Outlets

Old Two-Prong Outlets Are a Safety Hazard

An aging electrical systems in your home can present a world of headaches. From decreased electrical efficiency to the danger of starting electrical fires, old wiring can be both a danger and a hassle to homeowners who might not even be aware the true extent of the problem.

Complications with outlets and light switches can be the first sign of long needed electrical work. Our staff of electrical professionals at Beacon Home Services in Manassas have compiled a list of 5 warning signs that your outlets and switches are in need of upgrading.

  1. Dimming Lights: Dimmed lights can be great for ambiance at the right time but if your lights are frequently dimming on their own, this could be a side of faulty or aged wiring. Additionally, dimmed lights when turning on other appliances can be a sign that the wiring in your home could use a visit from Beacon Home Services to make your home’s electrical wiring safe and efficient.
  1. Loose Connections: Plugging an appliance into an outlet shouldn’t potentially short-circuit the outlet or dim the lights around you. Loose connections in wall outlets can lead to short circuited connections and potentially fires if left unattended too long. They can also waste electricity and raise electrical bills each month, costing you money over the long run.
  1. Everything is 2-Prong: Out with the old and in with the new! Traditional 2-prong outlets are both energy inefficient and less safe than newer, 3-prong outlets. If every outlet in your home is of the old 2-prong variety and your electricity bills are through the roof, that’s a sign you could use an upgrade from Beacon Home Services.
  1. Shocking from Switch or Outlet: If you get a shock from a light switch or outlet when you touch it (with no device plugged in), it’s a sign that something is wrong. Likely a short circuit within the outlet or switch or a sign that a wire within the outlet or switch as lost its insulation, any shocking from an outlet is a sign that it should be replaced by a professional to improve energy efficiency and electrical safety.
  1. Scorch Marks and Smoke: Outlets should never be warm to the touch and seeing any scorch marks or smoke coming from outlets or switches is a sure sign of faulty or aged wiring. These signs could lead to potential electrical fires. If these problems occur, it is highly recommended that you have a professional check inspect it.
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