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5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Electrical For the Holidays

Electrical troubleshooting is extremely important if you want to ensure a better peace of mind this holiday season. This time of year, it’s common for homeowners to be preoccupied with thoughts of gift-giving and quality time with the family. However, the most magical time of year can easily turn stressful if you suddenly find your home is filled with frayed wiring and outdated outlets, as these issues may be putting your home’s safety at risk. Making matters even more complicated, the winter season is generally a time of higher electric bills! This is due to an earlier nightfall, colder weather, as well as utilizing electricity to power holiday decorations. According to the Annual Energy Outlook, the cost of running a Standard C-7 4 watt lights (commonly used as Christmas lights) at 10.5 cents per kilowatt-hour is $25.13. This holiday season, keep in mind that upgrading to LED lights will reduce this amount. If you plan on having guests over the house this year, you’re going to need to conduct some maintenance. Having safe, working electricity is an essential part in entertaining guests and ensuring your holiday celebration is a hit. Maintaining your electrical system isn’t just for entertainment, though; it’s also a matter of safety. According to the Red Cross, an average of 47,000 house fires occur each winter, many of them due to outdated outlets that aren’t properly grounded. Calling your local electricians won’t just guarantee a well-functioning electric system. A call to Beacon Electric can go as far as keeping the safety of your family, and any house guests, in check.

How Can Beacon Electric Help You?

Beacon Electric should be your first call this holiday season to ensure your electrical system is 100% secure. Our team of local electricians are licensed and fully-trained to tackle a wide range of electrical troubleshooting. We can conduct anything from a quick maintenance check, all the way to more complex services such as repair, installation, replacement, andelectrical rewiring. Beacon Electric also provides excellent customer service! We take pride in our work, and ensure all of our technicians come with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help assess and resolve any concerns or questions you may have. Beacon Electric strives to be an electric company you can count on to ensure you have a safe, highly efficient electrical system. Keep in mind that being proactive with your electrical system will allow us to fix any and all issues before your holiday festivities begin. Let Beacon Electric help you ensure this season is truly all about peace & joy. Thanks to more consistent electrical performance, you will also be less likely to experience power surges. Although they may seem harmless, these surges can cause damage to your electrical outlets, as well as essential appliances. Most importantly, you will be able to maintain a high level of safety in your home due to a lower risk of residential fires and electrocution!

5 Electrical Troubleshooting Tips

While you may not be a licensed professional, being a homeowner means it is your responsibility to ensure your home’s electricity is safe and efficient. So, while you’re out shopping for your family and friends, consider gifting yourself this season with these tips:

  1. Upgrade Outlets: Many homes across the country are still equipped with outdated two prong outlets. This can severely increase your risk of experiencing a residential fire. If this applies to your home, consider calling Beacon Electric to upgrade to modern three-prong outlets ASAP. Three-prong outlets are much more capable in handling the electrical needs of a modern home. In addition, their increased lifespan will ensure your home continues to spread holiday spirit year after year.
  2. Install Additional Outlets: In addition to upgrading to three prong outlets, you should also consider adding outlets in your home. With all of the increased energy needs, this season is the perfect time of year to sit down and consider your electrical demands. Is there always a spot to plug in an appliance if you need it? Do you constantly find yourself weighing out which necessary devices to unplug to make room for just one more? Generally, homeowners tend to solve a problem like this with a plug strip. While plug strips are handy to add additional outlets, it is important to keep in mind that they can potentially become overloaded, thus heightening the risk of an electrical fire. Contacting your local electrician for an inspection and electrical troubleshooting will not only ensure you have a well-functioning system, it will also provide information on how to safely use power strips, and when to consider adding in additional outlets.
  3. Install GFCI Outlets: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can save lives, and that’s not hyperbole. GFCI outlets are designed to shut off electrical power when it senses an irregular current that may lead to electrocution. A GFCI outlet is an absolute must in areas of the home where water is more likely to mix with electricity, most commonly in kitchens and bathrooms. GFCI outlets can also ensure the safety of everyone in the house, but especially small children and pets. For example, if a child sticks their finger in an outlet, or the family cat mistakes a power cord for a snake, GFCI outlets should shut off, allowing you a worry-free holiday.
  4. Inspect Holiday Light Strings and Decorations: You’re probably ringing in the holiday season by decking the halls to ensure your spreads holiday spirit for all to see. However, fires relating to holiday lighting can be far more common than you may think. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure you have reliable lighting before spreading seasonal cheer. Be sure to inspect all lighting prior to decorating to decrease your risk of a fire or even electrocution. When inspecting your holiday lights, look out for any signs damage to the power cord, such as frays.
  5. Call Beacon Electric for Professional Maintenance: The best way to prevent problems with your electrical system is by having regular inspections done by yourlocal electric company. Fortunately, our professionals at Beacon Electric are specifically trained to closely inspect your system down to the last detail. Their seasoned expertise allows them to make durable repairs for any problem they encounter.

Don’t Let a High Electric Bill Take Away From Your Holiday Budget This Year. Call Beacon Electric for Electrical Troubleshooting at (571) 470-5734 Today!

Contact Beacon Electric today if you want to ensure a happy holiday season! Ask about our highly effective electrical troubleshooting!

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