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7 Electrical Safety Inspection Tips for This Fall

An electrical safety inspection should be your top priority this fall if you want your family to live comfortably and conveniently around the house. The dangers of neglecting your electrical needs this season are too serious to ignore. According the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), electricity is responsible for an estimated 51,000 fires, an average of 500 deaths, and 1,400 injuries a year. If you want to keep your home from becoming another number to add to these troublingly high statistics, you need to take action immediately. Any loose wiring or damaged outlets should require your immediate attention, as they can only grow more hazardous the longer you refuse to maintain your electrical system. Even if it’s just a matter of a few flickering lights, you still need to be attentive in fixing the situation so you can spend the fall without worrying when the next power outage will occur.

Why Call Beacon for Electrical Services?

If you want to ensure 100% security with your electricity this season, please call Beacon Home Services for an electrical safety inspection. Our team of licensed, fully-trained electricians will closely examine your cords, plugs, outlets, and surge protectors for any issues that would otherwise prove a huge threat to your safety. If we spot any problems, we will perform electrical troubleshooting that will extend the lifespan of your fixtures and keep your family from danger. We will also address any questions you may have to provide you with a better understanding on the ins and outs of your home’s electrical system. With short days and earlier nights on the horizon, you will need electricity more than ever and our team will make sure it’s there for you at every turn.

7 Helpful Electrical Safety Inspection Tips

Though nothing can compare to a comprehensive inspection from our electricians, you can also conduct your own home inspection to further guarantee your safety. Even just taking a few minutes out of your time can result in lower costs on electricity bills, longer appliance lifespan, and improve property resale value. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start by following these 7 electrical safety tips:

  1. Invest in a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI): A GFCI outlet is a must-have, as they can prove to be a huge life-saver. It is highly important to install them in areas of your house where water and electricity are more likely to mix like bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. A GFCI outlet will immediately shut off electrical power in any of these areas once it senses that an electrical shock may imminent. If you do not have them installed in your home yet, move it up to the top on your list of most-wanted items this fall.
  2. Unplug Battery Chargers: If you’re the type of person who is always on their cell phone, you’re probably plugging in a battery charger every day. However, you also need to remember to unplug it or else it may pose a major threat to the safety in your home. Even when they are not in use, they can still pull electricity through the wires. Just taking the extra second or two to unplug chargers from the wall will reduce the risk of fires and the costs on electricity bills.
  3. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection: You need to make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working so they can alert you of a problem immediately, especially in the event your heating system begins to emit smoke and harmful gasses. The detection should pick up even the slightest traces of smoke and carbon monoxide in your home, but testing may reveal that you will need to change the batteries to ensure their best performance.
  4. Check Cords for Damage: Some homeowners will think it’s totally okay to patch up any wear and tear on damaged cords with duct tape. This is nowhere close to the right solution. Even with the duct tape, you may be putting yourself at risk for short circuits, electrical shocks, and fires. It will be better to replace cords altogether. Also consider home rewiring from Beacon Home Services for further assistance.
  5. Keep Indoor Electrical Fixtures Clear: You need to avoid having any clutter near outlets, as one small spark can lead to a residential fire. This is especially true for any furniture or piles of laundry. You need to set any highly flammable objects or personal belongings at safe distances, especially from outlets that are hot to the touch.
  6. Keep Outdoor Electrical Fixtures Clear: With leaves and twigs more likely to blow around this fall, your outdoor electrical features are at risk to see their performance suffer due to a buildup of clutter. One common source of clutter is shrubbery. Though you may be primarily focused on your indoor electrical fixtures, it certainly helps to take a look at the outside of your house and remove any blockage that would prevent outdoor fixtures from working at their best.
  7. Consider a Circuit Panel Upgrade: Older homes are more likely to have circuit panels that only distribute up to 60 amps of power. If this applies to your current panel, you need to call Beacon Home Services for a service panel upgrade immediately. Modern circuit panels should distribute anywhere between 100 to 200 amps of power to keep up with today’s growing electrical demands. Your home may be old, but you still need modern electricity to live safely and comfortably.

Stay Safe This Season – Have An Electrical Safety Inspection Done Today

Contact Beacon Home Services today if you want to ensure security in your home thanks to an electrical safety inspection!

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