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7 Questions to Ask Before an Electrical Safety Inspection

Anytime you find yourself wanting an electrical safety inspection, it’s important to know what kinds of questions you need to ask. A lot of the time people are stuck with hidden fees or things that they are unaware of due to the lack of curiosity. Even if it seems so simple, it’s always best to ask the right questions to an electrician especially when it comes down to your home’s safety and your family’s well-being. When you see the lights start to flicker or your outdated electrical system giving you trouble, it’s time to call for a repair or maintenance check. Having an electrical safety inspection by a professional contractor will help flag any warning signs that might arise in the future. So here are some questions that can prepare you so you know what to ask when it’s time to conduct an electrical safety inspection.

Why Take Advice from Us for an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Hiring the wrong electrician can lead to a world of problems that people nowadays do not have the time or money to deal with. An inexperienced or unlicensed contractor might provide false information or faulty repairs during an electrical safety inspection, which causes more problems that you’ll have to deal with in your home. Here at Beacon Home Services, we know how important all this is to our customers and we care about the safety of your home. High-quality and efficient service is the name of the game for us. You can trust our electricians because we only hire the most knowledgeable and train our contractors so that they can handle any situation, whether that’s repairs, maintenance, or installations. There’s a reason why all our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and pride ourselves on the high-quality customer service.

1. How many years of experience do you have?

Usually, when we want to hire somebody we always like to know that who we’re hiring has had an education within that field. However, when it comes to hiring an electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection, experience and how much of it is especially important. Experienced professionals not only have seen a lot and can provide effective solutions, but they also recognize the importance of high-quality performance and customer service. By asking about their experience, you’ll be able to determine how qualified that contractor is to handle your electrical safety inspection.

2. Are you licensed?

When it comes time for an electrical safety inspection, you want to make sure hire an electrician that has a valid electrical contractor’s license. This will make you feel more comfortable knowing that the person you’re hiring is educated and trained to perform a high-quality electrical safety inspection since they are being held to a high standard as a licensed professional.

3. Do you offer rebates or warranties?

During an electrical safety inspection, things may come up where the electrician might either want to fix or restore a certain product. So, it is always good to ask the contractor whether the parts, labor or both are under warranty. If that is the case, your next question should be how long the warranty is effective. A professional and experienced electrician will offer a warranty on their services because they are most likely confident in their quality of work.

4. Do you have insurance?

Another good question to ask maybe after you have asked if they’re a licensed professional or not is if the electrician has insurance. Electricity is a dangerous thing to handle at times, so knowing if the person you might hire is liable for their type of work is always promising. There are many risks associated with hiring an unlicensed electrician, and one of those risks is faulty work. Even though insurance doesn’t necessarily guarantee high-quality work, it is still a plus to hire an insured contractor who will be able to pay for any damage caused to your home by their work or after an electrical safety inspection.

5. What are your service fees?

This kind of question usually goes unasked and the result is paying for things you were not expecting to pay from the beginning. Asking about service fees before the electrician shows up is always a great question to ask, especially if during the inspection, the contractor decides that work needs to be done. No one likes to deal with any surprise expenses after the electrical safety inspection is finished, so to avoid any additional costs and remain aware of your expenses, ask for a detailed cost estimate that includes service fees and incidental costs.

6. What is your availability?

An obvious question to ask, however still an important question to ask. When it comes down to an electrical safety inspection, hiring an electrical that is available to complete the task within your timeline is a smart thing to do. You need to make sure that the electrician can work within your time restraints, while also being there during the inspection in case anything goes wrong.

7. Do you offer estimates?

When hiring a professional or qualified electrician, check to see if they can provide an estimate for the inspection. There are other costs associated with an inspection that can impact the overall expense of the work. Similar to asking about service fees, when you ask the electrician to offer an estimate, it will show that you’re smart when it comes to money and that you mean business. So, asking about an estimate and whether additional work is covered is always a great question to ask.

Take these questions and feel confident hiring an electrician to conduct an electrical safety inspection – call Beacon Home Services today for all electrical needs!

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