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8 Electrical Upgrades for the New Year

Beacon Home Services is proud to provide electrical upgrades for your home. It’s nearing the time of year where everyone is slowly phasing out their New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, those gym membership cards are starting to begin building up dust, and the savings accounts are slowly dwindling back into the checking accounts after fun days at the museum. While you’re reevaluating your goals for the new year, you should consider taking a closer look at your plans for your electrical system. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 50,000 fires are caused each year by faulty electrical systems in homes. These fires injure up to 1,570 people per year, and kill around 420. Don’t let your family be a part of these statistics. Update and test your system regularly. Proper maintenance is the only way to know your home’s electrical system is safe.

Why Call Beacon Electric for Electrical Upgrades?

Here at Beacon, we take pride in our high quality electrical upgrades. We take your family’s safety seriously, and will do everything we can to ensure your electrical system is properly maintained. We’re happy to answer all your questions, and provide insight on how to prevent disasters such as house fires. Call Beacon Electric for more information on the Electrical Upgrades we provide.

Here Are Eight Easy Resolutions You Should Really Keep This Year:

  1. Extension Cord Placement– We have all been guilty of this faux pas. An extension cord is extremely useful when you need to take an item from one room to another. However, it is important to ensure you don’t overlook the safety hazard an extension cord can place on your home. It is essential that you take the time to carefully place your extension cords out of the way, and in a safe place. If you find yourself consistently needing an extension cord for regular daily tasks, it may be time to consider getting an additional outlet installed.
  2. Sockets Near Water– We all need outlets in bathrooms and kitchens. So how do you handle having an outlet near water? There’s this amazing socket called GFCI. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. These sockets can help ground out the socket, should water become introduced. Installing this type of outlet in bathrooms, on kitchen counters, or in any other area where water might get into sockets can help keep your home and your family safe. These outlets aren’t just helpful around water, though. If you have a little one at home, these outlets can detect an abnormality within the outlet, so they shut off when little fingers and toes are introduced. Do you have a cat that likes to chew on power cords? Consider these outlets to avoid an unfortunate accident in your home.
  3. Noticing the Signs of Faulty Wiring– If you’re living in a modern, well maintained home, you may not be able to see your electrical wiring. So how do you know if there’s a problem? You have to pay attention. Feel your switches as you go to turn them on or off. Are they warm? Do fuses seem to be blowing easily? Are circuits tripping more and more? Are your lights flickering and dimming? If you begin to notice any of these issues, it’s important to not pass them off as normal, everyday electrical issues. Contact Beacon Electric immediately for repair services.
  4. Wattages- The wattage that is written on the inside of lamp sockets is there for a reason. Though it may seem time consuming, taking the time to check all your lamps and make sure that the bulbs inside them match the recommended wattage can make a huge difference. Not only do higher watt bulbs take up more energy, running up your electric bill, but these higher wattage bulbs are likely to blow more often and can pose a threat to you and your family.
  5. Damaged Cords- Though it may seem like a trivial thing, that kink on your electrical cord may be just enough to cause a fire. A kink can potentially be dangerous because it may allow the two wires within the cord to touch. Think of it like you’re jumping a car. When the positive and negative ends touch, you get an extremely dangerous situation. It is important to inspect all visible chords. In addition, you should do research on the contractor or electrician who installed your electric system to ensure they followed OSHA regulations. Electrical wires are required to be taped properly and inspected by an electrician to ensure there are no kinks.
  6. Energy Efficient Appliances- We all want to save money on our electric bill. Installing energy efficient appliances can use less electricity overall. If your home is lacking energy efficient appliances, you are likely wasting this precious resource. These appliances can also be safer for your home.
  7. Surge Protectors- Power surges have the potential to cause sparks that can then lead to fire. They can also overload circuits, and cause damage to your overall system. A surge protector can help prevent these issues, as well as protect your appliances from damage next time the power unexpectedly surges.
  8. Replace Smoke Detectors- The last thing resolution you should keep is to check and replace all your smoke detectors! Smoke detectors can be your first line of defense if your electrical system does go awry. This will allow you to truly protect your home from any and all fires, electrical or otherwise.

Don’t fall victim to a fire! Call Beacon Home Services today and ask about our electrical upgrades!

Take These New Year’s Resolutions Seriously! Call Beacon Home Services Today at (571) 470-5734 for More Information On Our Electrical Upgrades!

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