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8 Maintenance Tips for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is invaluable, protecting you from home fires or exposure to deadly gasses. However, you need to make sure they are working at their best or else your home will become a huge safety hazard. Though the National Fire Protection Association reports that 96% of homes in the United States have working smoke detectors, 3,000 people in the United States still die due to house fires and an additional 500 die each year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Letting smoke detectors go unattended for a significant period of time can result in serious consequences. Imagine sleeping in your home in the middle of the night as a fire catches on. If your smoke detector isn’t working up to par, you may not have an alarm to awake you from slumber, putting your life in serious danger. Life in your home without a working carbon monoxide detector can be even more threatening, especially when carbon monoxide is odorless and can permeate throughout your home without you even knowing. You should not just assume smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are ready for the fall and winter. Instead, be proactive for the sake of your safety and the safety of your entire family.

Calling Beacon Electric for Excellent Service

Fortunately, if you are not feeling too confident about your home’s electrical safety this season, allow Beacon Electric to help you. Your safety is the top goal of all our electrical services, and our work on smoke and carbon monoxide detection is no exception. Our team of electricians will give your detectors a close look to determine if there are any areas in need of improvement. We can educate you on how to ensure your home is 100% safe this year so you can enjoy this season without worrying when the next electrical emergency will break out. Nearly two-thirds of the nearly 400,000 house fires are reported in the United States due a home not being equipped with reliable smoke detection, so keep your home from becoming another statistic by giving us a quick call.

How Can You Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection?

In addition to our services, please follow these 8 helpful maintenance tips with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so they continue to work during the colder months:

  1. Invest in Battery Back-Ups: Battery back-ups can prove to be a huge lifesaver and should be a must for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can back-up hard-wired into the detectors, which will provide additional power if the current set of batteries dies out unexpectedly.
  2. Invest in Electrochemical Sensors: Electrochemical sensors will help your detectors work through any humidity or sudden temperature changes. They should also be considered a must-have for your home. In addition, make sure your detectors are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This will guarantee you have reliable detectors in your home ready to alert you of even the slightest traces of smoke and carbon monoxide.
  3. Do Not Use Generators Indoors: Absolutely under no circumstance should you use a generator indoors, although you may be unsurprised when learning how homeowners will try to get away with it. Generators risk leaking smoke or carbon monoxide when they malfunction, which even if you have working detectors, will cause a problem quickly.
  4. Be Careful Cooking: You may plan on cooking plenty of warm, hearty meals this fall and winter, but you need to follow a few safety precautions. Do not use your oven for heating and instead only use for cooking. You should also not barbecue inside your garage or bring a charcoal grill inside the home.
  5. Invest in “End of Life” Sensors: Many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors available today come with an “end of life” sensor that will let you know when the time comes to replace it. It gives you early notice so you can take action in updating your technology.
  6. Read Manufacturer’s Guide: The manufacturer’s guide will be one of your greatest resources as it can provide info on how detectors work, when you should replace batteries, and what to do when a detector malfunctions.
  7. Replace Old Detectors: Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Though they can continue to work beyond either point, replacing them will ensure they continue to work at their best and lower your spending on electrical repair.
  8. Call Beacon for Annual Maintenance: Please call Beacon Electric once a year for annual maintenance to ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detection has been given the thumbs up from an experienced professional. Our electricians will make any necessary repair or replacement to ensure your comfort year round.

Keep Your Family Out Of Harms Way – Schedule A Service To Ensure The Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices In Your Home Are Working

Contact Beacon Electric today for high-quality electrical service that will ensure you have trustworthy, long-lasting smoke and carbon monoxide detection!

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