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How Aluminum Wiring Replacement Can Improve Your Home

If you were to go back in time and tell someone living in the 1960s that aluminum wiring replacement in Fairfax, VA is the best choice they can make, they may be a little confused. Fifty years ago, aluminum wiring was in. Copper spiked in price and many new homes built during that time were equipped with aluminum wiring under the belief that it was the more cost-efficient option. However, cost-efficiency did not equal safety, as homes with aluminum wiring proved more at risk for electrical fires. Speed up fifty years and in a 2016 world, aluminum wiring is now incredibly unsafe.

Beacon Home Services is here to provide you with aluminum wiring replacement in Fairfax, VA aimed at keeping your home safe. As with any of our electrical services, our aluminum wiring replacement service aims to protect your well-being. Thanks to our services, you’ll have wiring in your home guaranteed to keep you safe while still providing quality electrical performance.

Why Should You Seek Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Fairfax, VA?

Now is the time to make your home a safer place to live. If you still have aluminum wiring, chuck it out thanks to service from Beacon Home Services that can provide you:

  • Improved Property Value: A home with less than reliable wiring probably won’t turn the heads of potential buyers looking for guaranteed electrical safety, especially if it still has aluminum wiring. Allowing Beacon Home Services to replace those aluminum wires will do wonders for your property value and instead make it a positive investment.
  • Improved Efficiency: Since aluminum wiring cannot handle today’s electricity demands, it’s not particularly efficient and may see you paying more than necessary on energy bills. Modern, copper wiring will instead be able to keep up with your electrical needs so your lights and appliances will be able to enjoy a higher level of efficiency.
  • Improved Safety: You will be able to relax so much more in your home knowing you have safer, more reliable wiring in your home once we conduct replacement. Replacing aluminum wiring will greatly reduce the risk of shocks and electrical fires, meaning you’ll be kept at a better peace of mind knowing your family is safe.

Still have aluminum wiring in your home? Call Beacon Home Services today for aluminum wiring replacement in Fairfax, VA that will keep your home safe!

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