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Your Guide to Landscape Lighting

You may not realize it, but lighting really makes or breaks your space. It is one of the first things people internalize and react too. And, this applies to your outdoor living spaces, just as much as it does to your indoor rooms.

In fact, landscape lighting is even more essential to controlling your overall outdoor living experience, as natural light is constantly changing as day turns to night. With the right lighting accents, your yards will remain inviting and relaxing at any time—day or night.

It All Starts With a Plan

When you’re making changes to your landscaping, even something as little as walkway lighting, you want to have a big picture view of your lighting goals. What do you want to achieve with this lighting installation?

Sketch out your ideas, and consult a professional, to get an overall idea of where you might want to place your new lighting fixtures. Consider the impact fixtures might have on your existing lighting elements. Does this new lighting provide too warm or cool of a tone? Is it interfering with the “mood” lighting you already have installed?

Make sure you answer all of the above questions before installing new lighting elements in your front yard or backyard. Consult lighting experts here.

Understand Your Options

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are many potential designs and lighting styles you can employ. Path lights, accent lights, in-ground lights, hardscape, step lights, and wall wash are just a few of the many outdoor lighting implementations. You’ll most likely use a few of these elements together—in concert—to bring your dream lighting to life.

Simple Tips & Techniques


The key is in the spacing. Understanding how much light is cast off by each one of your fixtures is vital to a cohesive design. You don’t want to overlight your space and overwhelm family, friends, and visitors.

Take a footpath for example. You might be surprised by how little light is actually needed to feel surefooted on your path. You can achieve adequate visibility by placing lights every 10 feet along your walkway. Installing fixtures any closer together can over-light your space, ruining your home’s character and actually decreasing visibility due to glare and excessive brightness.

Experiment with Unusual Lighting Techniques


Shadows are as big a part of lighting as the actual light and fixtures themself. Silhouetting is a technique that relies on shadows to create a striking pattern or feature on a corresponding backdrop.

A wall light can be used to create a silhouette effect. Simply place a tree or planter in front of an exterior wall, and from behind, light your plant. This is a great way to ascertain double the impact from one light fixture.

Moonlighting and Downlighting

Most lighting is placed close to the ground. Moonlighting and downlighting practice the opposite. These techniques create a more dramatic ambiance by placing lights above your space.

Moonlighting creates beautiful shadows that emulate moonlight by casting a widespread light over your yard.

Downlighting, on the other hand, is much brighter. This is great for illuminating trees, and for lighting your outdoor living space on a budget. Downlighting can brighten a big portion of your yard with only a few fixtures!

The Other Benefits of Landscape Lighting

The primary benefit of landscape lighting is aesthetics and functionality. Some of the pros to outdoor lighting that are not touched upon or emphasized as much, are security and safety.

Motion sensors can be installed to increase protection against burglary and trespassing. Additionally, security lighting will provide personal aid in accident prevention. Dark outdoor spaces are inherently treacherous, as limited visibility increases the likelihood of friends, family, and visitors tripping and falling.

Our outdoor lighting will make your outdoor spaces more inviting, useable, and safe—we will make your home more liveable. Contact Beacon Home Services, we have been serving the Fairfax community since 2002. To learn more about our outdoor lighting capabilities, give us a call at (571) 470-5734 or fill out an online contact form.

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